Generating MODS

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  1. After your spreadsheet is finished, the subjects are all tagged, and the names (except in description and title) all have database numbers,
  2. Use ExcelConverter (S:\Digital Projects\Administrative\scripts\ExcelConverter\ to export a tab-delimited UTF8 (without Byte Order Mark) file into the collection Metadata directory.
  3. Run (S:\Digital Projects\Administrative\scripts\Metadata\ to verify that your Metadata file is error free before creating MODS.
  4. Click on (S:\Digital Projects\Administrative\scripts\Metadata\makeMods\ and navigate to your spreadsheet
    1. will create a MODS directory in the same directory as the spreadsheet and put the generated MODS there.
    2. A manifest and an error file will be put in the same directory also.
  5. When the script has finished, look in your Metadata directory for any errors file that may have been generated.
  6. If found, repair the errors, and go back to step 1.
  7. If not found, there should now be MODS in the MODS directory, and a manifest.xml file listing those MODS in the Metadata directory. Go forth and validate!