Fostex FR-2LE Field Memory Recorder

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Fostex FR-2LE Field Memory Recorder:

Notes: Purchased in mid-2008, this standalone unit replaced the firewire-based Fireface 400 (RME) as the standalone unit allows for digitization to occur independent of a computer station which can be used for other purposes such as optimization.



Standalone digital audio recorder with XLR/phono inputs, capable of recording Broadcast Wave with resolutions up to 24-bit/96kHz. The unit records to Compact Flash and also has USB connectivity for direct transfer to PC.


As of August, 2008 the Fostex FR-2LE has been our default recorder for all audio digitization of analog recordings.

Technical Information:

Default Setup

Currently, the unit is set:

  • to record Broadcast Wave files (BWF) at a 24-bit/44.1khz resolution.
  • with the PRG time display mode as the default so that all files start with the time counter at 0. see owner's manual, pg 103.
  • with L and R mic trim knobs at 0.
  • monitor (headphone) and input levels are adjusted per the needs of individual recordings.
  • all other settings are unaltered from the unit's default settings.

Default File/Output Settings

BWF file: 24-bit/44.1khz, ".wav" extension

Associated Hardware/Software


  • Occasionally, input cables are difficult to remove from the unit. In cases where you need be more aggressive to remove the cables, concentrate on stabilizing and protecting the Fostex, not the cables. Use your right hand to both push the metal release lever above the input and also to stabilize the unit against the table. Using the left hand, firmly pull the cable away from the unit until it releases.
  • For information about common error messages, see owner's manual, pg 46.

Resources and Links:

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