For ETDs

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  1. to pick up new ETDs and move them into the correct directory for processing: File:MoveContentBD.txt
  2. to preprocess ETDs, assigning persistent identifiers, as described on Electronic_Theses_and_Dissertations: File:ProcessEtds.txt
  3. to check for embargoes about to be raised: File:CheckEmbargo.txt
  4. to lift embargoes: File:LiftEmbargo.txt
  5. to archive the ETDs: File:RelocatingBD.txt

For DSpace

Embargo Lift Process:

  1. place embargoLift.xml (datestamped) in S:\Public\DigitalServices\DSpace\embargoLift
  2. on libcontent server, go to /srv/scripts/etds/toDspace and run script like so: `pullEmbargoed 20160901 MODS`
  3. go to the share directory above, and using Project view in XMLSpy, process the MODS now in S:\Public\DigitalServices\DSpace\embargoLift\datestamp\ with mods_dspace...xsl and mods_dspace_etd.xsl in S:\Public\DigitalServices\DSpace\, writing files to datestamped directories in the DC and ETD directories in embargoLift directory
  4. check supplemental files and zip if needed
  5. come back to libcontent /srv/scripts/etds/toDspace and run script like so: `pullEmbargoed 20160901`
  6. zip the files with the zipThese script
  7. transfer the zipped files to S:\Public\DigitalServices\DSpace\uploads
  8. log in to DSpace and upload the files to the correct collection
  9. copy the map file that results to a datestamped file in /srv/scripts/etds/toDspace/mapfiles
  10. open and edit that file to make one entry per line:  :%s, item,\ritem,g
  11. run correctPurls to correct purl pointers to new DSpace location
  12. check results