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File_info_grabber consists of

  1. file_info_grabber.rb

Get this script

  1. For a copy of the script down and extract file_info_grabber.rb
  2. This application is meant to run under the Ruby Shoes GUI module that can be found here[1] and downloaded and installed for free.
  3. File:File info


  1. This application will collect filename, extension, file size, parent directory, and the name of the output file it is part of and put it all into a CSV comma delimited file for use in some other script or program.
  2. Digital services uses scripts like this to collect many different types of information from lots of sources. this script can be edited easily to collect other types of data if need be.
  3. A Ruby script containing Shoes code can be invoked by running Shoes.exe and opening the Ruby app from the shoes interface. or I prefer to make a simple shortcut and in the target field put "full\path\to\shoes.exe" "full\path\to\app.rb" and this way you can invoke the ruby script through shoes no matter where the shoes or script file are located. I find this better than making a package because it allows many users to run the application across a network while still allowing functionality to be edited adhoc

A little info about Shoes

Shoes is a GUI module and framework for creating windowed applications with the Ruby programming language. To use an application that makes use of the Shoes framework you must download the installation package from their website. it is free and easy to install. The Shoes installation includes a fully functional instance of Ruby 1.9 and can handle any Ruby code you send its way. The Shoes classes and methods are tersely written and structured making them easy to implement.