FITS creation

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FITS files generate Image Technical Metadata used to create archival MIX files, and Audio Technical Metadata used to create AES57 files.

Due to issues with maintaining the correct Java version on our desktops, we currently generate these by running 'makeFits' from the commandline on the libcontent server. This script should be run after regular QC scripts, and any errors corrected before uploads.

All FITS files are tested to see if they have "true" values for the "valid" and "well-formed" fields in the fileStatus section, as defined by JHOVE. An interesting discussion of what this really means is provided by JHOVE developer Gary McGath:

"In general, a document that isn't well-formed is one that's unusable; it will break an application that makes the assumptions in the spec. An invalid document is one with errors that reduce its functionality."

"JHOVE identifies profiles, which are restrictions of the specification for particular purposes. It does this in the course of validating a file; if particular requirements are present and the file doesn't do anything forbidden by the profile, it reports that the file satisfies the profile. Failure to satisfy the profile isn't considered an error; if the file doesn't pass every test, the output just doesn't list the profile and doesn't tell you why."