Emergency Procedures

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A. Bomb Threat :

  1. Alert patrons and staff, and move quickly to get everyone out of the building by the stairs.
  1. Library personnel should report to the steps of Denny Chimes.

B. Fire :

  1. Staff and patrons should evacuate by the stairs.
  1. Staff will gather in the parking lot between the Hoole building and University Blvd.
               * a fire extinguisher and fire alarm are located near the stairs.

C. First Aid : There is a first-aid kit in the metal closet located in room 212 (the mailroom adjacent to the administrative office). If you get injured, notify someone (preferably a supervisor) as soon as possible.

  There is also a First Aid Kit in room 215 (in the big desk with the black metal drawers).

D. Medical Emergency : Call 911, then notify someone (preferably a supervisor) as soon as possible.

E. Power Outage : Exit the building from the stairs.

F. Tornado :

  1. When the alarm sounds, go down the stairs immediately.
  2. Meet inside the bottom of the stairwell.
  3. Wait for further instruction (we'll eventually gather behind the elevator area).
  4. If you are not at work and were supposed to come in during the period of the Tornado Warning please do the following:
    1. Stay in a safe place. This is first priority.
    2. If after the 30 minute grace period following the end of the Tornado Threat, you still have one hour for which you were scheduled, come to work for that last hour. If there is less than an hour left on your shift following the end of the Tornado Threat, do not come into work.

H. Emergency Contacts (Digital Services) : Mary Harmon Bryant Hall, 500 Hackberry Lane

  1. Please make sure the receptionist telephone number is handy at all times (i.e. your cell phone contacts): (205) 348-0500
  2. To contact University Police call 911 from a campus phone or dial 911 from your cell to connect to city/county services and then be forwarded to UAPD.
 Note: The information is derived from the Emergency Response Procedures Manual (accessible to DS staff in paper form or through the UA Libraries Intranet), as of December 2012, and should be updated as needed. Exception: All personal phone numbers provided in the handout must be omitted from the Wiki.