Elizabeth Della Pella

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Elizabeth's major is in History, and her minor is in Anthropology; she plans to follow these with a Master's in Library Sciences. When she's not plugging away here, you can find her behind the cash register at a local Publix. Elizabeth is clearly working her way through school, and we admire her dedication and steadfast determination.

Elizabeth is becoming Kate's Right Hand, learning how to create our spreadsheets, find solutions to our organizational problems, locate materials, and organize our content, paying attention to our many nit-picking details. She does a terrific job with whatever she is assigned to do, and picks up each new assignment as if it's old hat. She is quickly becoming the person we turn to whenever Kate is not around. Since Kate's only here 10 hours a week, that is a hefty responsibility! Clearly, Elizabeth can handle any amount of responsibility we can hand her. She's a ready assistant and a real trooper.

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