EADs to Spreadsheets

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Starting in 2014, the archivists have been adding fairly extensive item-level metadata to the EAD finding aids.

To avoid duplication of effort, we extract that metadata and generate spreadsheets for digitization.

The process currently requires root access on the libcontent server, but we will likely modify that soon.

Right now the process is this:

1) Log in to ssh and cd to /srv/scripts/eads/toSS/

2) Copy the EAD(s) to ./eads/ there

 	Example:     cp   /cifs-mount/Digital_Coll_in_Progress/u0001_2008026_Snow/*ead.xml    eads/.

3) Run “getItems”

4) Check the results in the ./ss/ directory there

5) Copy the spreadsheet (ss) to the in Progress folder and ask for feedback.

 	Example:   cp   ./ss/u0001_2008026*   /cifs-mount/Digital_Coll_in_Progress/u0001_2008026_Snow/.