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This diagram shows the creation of the EAD in Archivists Toolkit during processing. The archivists consider the copy in Archivists Toolkit to be the copy of record, so EADs altered by Digital Services are to be stored there as well as in the archive.

EADs are exported by archivists from Archivists Toolkit and placed in the "new" or "remediated" folders in the share drive S:\Special Collections\Digital_Program_files\EAD directory.

Every Friday night, a script (File:GetEads.txt picks up these EADs, makes a datestamped directory in the "uploaded" directory there on the share drive (for example, "uploaded_new_20100803"), copys the EADs to the corresponding "uploaded" directory (so the archivists will know what was picked up when), and then copies the EADs into Acumen and places them in an "notInDbase" directory on libcontent1 (under /srv/deposits/EADs/). This is to give Acumen time to index the content, before adding the entries into the online database that feeds our collection list. We don't want dead links showing up in this list.

On the following early Monday morning, a second script runs (File:EadsToDbase.txt) which looks through these EADs, adding information to or updating the database, so the links will appear online. Then the EADs are moved to the /srv/deposits/EADs/new/ directory to await archiving (by Jody when it will not interfere with LOCKSS harvests. The script used for this is File:RelocatingEads.txt.

Some discussion of the linking from EADs, instructions, and implementation, can be found in Linking_out_from_EADS. We are currently in the throes of analysis and repair of data entry in both the item-level metadata and the EADs to enable automated linking to digitized content from the finding aid. (Already this is enabled in the Cabaniss project.


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