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Archival staff are almost finished with revamping old Word and PDF finding aids into EAD (Encoded Archival Description) finding aids. Thus this diagram shows the creating of the EAD during processing. The archivists keep their copy in Archivists Toolkit, where it was created. If remediated, or links are added, the newest copy is kept there, and Jody is notified to pick up new or altered EADs from a folder on the Share drive. When she does, she leaves a copy of each in a nearby folder dated for time of pickup.

Some discussion of the linking from EADs, instructions, and implementation, can be found in Linking_out_from_EADS. Apart from the work developed for the Cabaniss project Cabaniss, Jody has not yet developed the software to locate digitized content and link it into the proper EAD in the proper place. We'll have to work out how to determine the proper location from the metadata (there must be a box and folder number locatable in the exported metadata spreadsheet for each item, or in the generated MODS for each item.

Prior to that, Jody will develop the methodology and scripts for processing EADs for the archive.


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