Documenting new content released to LOCKSS

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  1. On libcontent, back up the inLockss file in /srv/scripts/lockss to olderVersions with today's date concatenated on it. Then delete.
  2. From the modified allManSizes spreadsheet which now contains only a list of content not yet in LOCKSS, copy the first 2 columns (without the headings or totals; you just want the collection number and title for each line).
  3. Open inLockss on libcontent in the /srv/scripts/lockss/ directory. Insert the two columns there, and save the file
  4. Run whichOnes3 in that directory. Input today's date in the format yyyy-mm-dd. This is going to read in inLockss and try to add the entries to the inLOCKSS table in InfoTrack.
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