Disk full / no space on disk error

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The following information pertains to a capture setup we no longer use; it is retained for reference

When the viewfinder program gives you the error that the disk is full, the program is referring to the cameras proprietary hard drive. When the camera has reached a limit of 255 scans its scan log has to be erased and all the camera files with it. again I repeat the hard drive in question is the cameras hard drive not the computer hard drive.

to access the cameras hard drive you must:

  1. Be currently in the viewfinder program and navigate to File>File manager...
  2. Once the file manager window is open select all the files by pressing hot key combo "command+A" (command is the key with the clover shape on it)
  3. Now click the delete button on the file manager window and wait for the files to be erased.
  4. Once the files have gone and the log is erased click the done button.