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Documentation, policies and procedures are divided by methods of capture. General references:


Image Specifications and Standards

Visual assessment of images guide

Capture Anomalies (how to deal with image quality issues encountered during capture)



Obsolete Equipment

Audio Capture

Audio Specifications and Standards

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

Audio: Project Specifications and Workflow -- see Collection-Specific Notes and Information

Other Types of Content

Microfilm References:
*[Microfilm Selection for Digitization (OCLC, NEH)]
Video References:  
*[Digital Migration Tools and Techniques (Stanford)] 
*[Audio/Video Capture and Management (NYU)]
*[Recommended Minimum Standards for preservation sampling of moving image objects (Rutgers)]
*[Guidelines, Manuals, Q&A's and Fact Sheets (Assoc. of Moving Image Archivists]