Digital Services Responsibilities

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This is a list of the basic responsibilities for our staff members. Crucial tasks are indicated in red; blue indicates critical fallback responsibilities.

Repository Manager Responsibilities

  1. Continuous and appropriate assignments of pipeline content
  2. Server-side work including:
    1. Monthly archiving: EADs, digital content, transcriptions, born digital, user tags
    2. automated monthly reports of current and new content in Acumen, including PURLs, in XML or tab-delimited form as needed
    3. semi-automated monthly reports of progress
    4. reports of new and changed content for Ebsco Discovery service (monthly)
    5. quarterly extraction and archiving: descriptive metadata
  3. Digitization
    1. content capture
    2. metadata verification/creation
    3. quality control
    4. uploads
  4. Backup person for programming work (Unit Head, Digitization Technologist)
  5. Backup person for assigning pipeline content (Digitization Manager)

Digitization Technologist Responsibilities

  1. Digitization
    1. content capture
    2. metadata verification/creation
    3. quality control
    4. uploads
  2. support for automated uploads to Acumen and deposits, including derivative creations and quality control
  3. Accessibility and usability research & development
  4. Technical metadata research and recommendations
  5. Digitization side script support
  6. Backup person for Marketing (Outreach Coordinator)
  7. Backup person for feedback collection/sharing (Outreach Coordinator)
  8. Backup person for Identifying and solving problems in digitization production (Digitization Manager)
  9. Backup person for maintenance of equipment (Digitization Manager)
  10. Backup person for student oversight and management (Outreach Coordinator)

Outreach Coordinator Responsibilities

  1. Marketing (blog, Facebook, etc.)
  2. Developing feedback mechanisms and sharing feedback obtained (This includes usability studies.)
  3. Digitization
    1. content capture
    2. metadata verification/creation
    3. quality control
    4. uploads
  4. Developing projects for, locating, obtaining, and overseeing practicum students and interns
  5. Seeking collaborations
  6. Backup person for accessibility and usability research & development (Digitization Technologist)
  7. Backup person for digitization oversight (Digitization Manager)
  8. Backup person for training and direct supervision of staff

Digitization Manager Responsibilities

  1. Oversight of all digitization
  2. Maintenance of all equipment
  3. Identifying and solving problems in digitization production
  4. Training and direct supervision of staff
  5. Backup person for administrative functions of unit head
  6. Digitization
    1. content capture
    2. metadata verification/creation
    3. quality control
    4. uploads

Unit Head Responsibilities

  1. Administrative functions
    1. Representation of unit needs to collaborative groups and Associate Dean
    2. Oversight of Digital Services focus, direction, and progress
    3. Developing unit goals and tracking progress
    4. Annual access statistics and production statistics compilation
    5. Developing and maintaining cross-departmental collaborations that effectively support the goals of Digital Services production
  2. Programming and automation
    1. Linking content into EADs and providing documentation of issues preventing this
    2. Maintenance and oversight of archive and LOCKSS involvement, including database tracking of content harvested
    3. Implementation of digital preservation policies
    4. Maintenance and oversight of checksum capture, storage, and verification system
    5. Monthly backups of critical databases, and removal of old backups
    6. Server administration on and, including support for staff/faculty working on servers
    7. Management of ingest, extraction, and deletion of content for tagging and transcription software, with incorporation of new content into Acumen/archive
    8. Management and support for local persistent URLs, including software to support others to obtain new ones
    9. Database tracking of information about collections (digital and analog), their items, number of pages, etc.
    10. Verification of correct browse display pulled from databases
    11. Development of software as needed to automate or implement necessary tasks
    12. Support of cross-departmental tasks, including:
      1. pre-processing ETDs
      2. support for ETD embargos, including notifications of embargo lifting, movement of files, anomalies
      3. analysis of problems with OAI feeds and collaborative record sharing, with development of solutions
    13. Development of alternative access/browse mechanisms
  3. Presentations and publications to publicize UA Libraries and Digital Services efforts
  4. Support of other library efforts
    1. E-research support
    2. Electronic records support (forthcoming)
    3. Born-Digital special collections support (forthcoming)
  5. Backup support for all staff