Determining what to do with weeded image files (as needed)

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Sometimes there are files that have been excluded from the bulk of image files that comprise a collection. These files need to be treated appropriately based on why they have been excluded.

Always check with a supervisor before deleting scans.

Rights Issues

  1. No Digital Rights: These images need to be deleted because we dont have the rights to have made digital copies.
  2. Limited Access Rights: Similarly if we have dont have rights for public digital access to these derivitives files must be deleted.
  3. No Online Delivery Rights: Similarly if we dont have rights to make the digital images available online at all, files must be deleted.

Poor Quality

  1. Bad Scan: Scan doesn't meet department requirements for quality scan product, file must be deleted.
  2. Materials were highly deteriorated: The materials that the scan was made from were in very poor shape, file must be deleted.

Detracts from Coherency of Online Collection

  1. Extra Scans: If there were physical duplicates in a collection where scans were made of each duplicate, select the best scan from the run and delete the rest.