Determining what to do with weeded image files (as needed)

From UA Libraries Digital Services Planning and Documentation

Sometimes there are files that have been excluded from the bulk of image files that comprise a collection. These files need to be treated appropriatly based on why they have been excluded.

Rights Issues

  1. No Digital Rights These images need to be deleted because we dont have the rights to have made digital copies.
  2. Limited Access Rights Similarly if we have dont have rights for public digital access to these derivitives files must be deleted.
  3. No Online Delivery Rights Similarly if we dont have rights to make the digital images available online at all, files must be deleted.

Poor Quality

  1. Bad Scan Scan doesnt meet department requirenets for quality scan product, file must be deleted.
  2. Materials were highly deteriorated The materials that the scan was made from were in very poor shape, file must be deleted.

Detracts from Coherency of Online Collection

  1. Extra Scans If there were physical duplicates in a collection where scans were made of each duplicate, select the best scan from the run and delete the rest.

No Metadata

  1. Scans Lack Quality Metadata