Deleting Transcription Content

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On libcontent:

1) change directory to /srv/scripts/transcripts/mediawiki

2) run: deleteSelectedText {collection_id} {box_number}

This software:

  1. ) backs up the databases into /srv/backups
  2. ) looks in the InfoTrack database to identify the files to be pulled;
  3. ) Then it goes into the transcribe database (Omeka) to get the Omeka identifiers for each page and item;
  4. ) Then it goes into the trmediawiki database (MediaWiki), and by base64 encoding the Omeka identifiers, extracts keys there, and wanders through the tables in order of dependencies, deleting the related content for each page
  5. ) returning to the Omeka database (transcribe) it then deletes entries from tables there for the item to which the pages corresponded
  6. ) then it updates the InfoTrack database with end dates for all these pages/items in the transcription software, as well as documenting failure to collect transcriptions when none were obtained
  7. ) and it goes through the directories in /srv/www/transcribe/archive/ and deletes all the files for each item specified.