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Digital Services Research Fronts

Intended use of this resource

As Digital Services staff conducts daily work and problem solving new information with possible applications to our workflow, pipeline tracking, reporting, automation, archiving, grants, training etc., may be discovered, but not directly applicable to the current task. As the pressure of projects and deadlines never permit tangential research detours this information space should be used to identify those technologies and resources for future exploration.


A blank template for adding resources to the list can be found here when in code edit view.


generic scripting language designed for writing software tools that can be integrated into other languages and reused across an organization.

Domains of Application

  1. Acumen File ID Manipulation Class
  2. Interoperability of info between software tools used during digitization, count, QC, and upload
  3. Standardization


  1. Tcl's Training Homepage - This is the place to start learning Tcl.

Other Sources of Information

Problems Resource May Solve

  1. Scripts written by group members are unable to take advantage of each others functions
    1. Question: Is Tcl able to work with Perl, Ruby, Python, Shell-Scripting.
      1. Answer:

Specific Examples of How to Use Resource


  • Does resource merit further exploration?
    • YES/NO
  • Other related resources

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