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We collect metadata for each collection on a standardized descriptive metadata spreadsheet. This spreadsheet includes a large number of possible fields for descriptive metadata. We simply use the fields that apply to a certain collection and temporarily hide the others. This standardized spreadsheet is used later to upload the data into Content dM.

Most of the fields on the spreadsheet correlate to a Dublin Core element. The list below shows each of the fields, the Dublin Core element it links to, and the data type.

MASTER LIST for Metadata Fields in CONTENTdm

MSA: 1/9/2009; revised 1/14/2009

Metadata fieldsView and configure collection and administrative fields.

Field name DC map Data type
1 Directory Name None Text
2 Item Identifier None Text
3 Filename Identifier Text
4 Identifier Identifier Text
5 Title Title Text
6 Other Title Title-Alternative Text
7 Cover Title Title-Alternative Text
8 First Line of Text Title-Alternative Text
9 First Line of Chorus Title-Alternative Text
10 Masthead Title Title-Alternative Text
11 Series Title Title-Alternative Text
12 Special Issue Title-Alternative Text
13 Symposium Title Title-Alternative Text
14 Title from List of Plates Title-Alternative Text
15 Title from Plate Title-Alternative Text
16 Subject(s) Subject Text
17 Description Description Text
18 Summary Description Text
19 Biographic and Historical Note Description Text
20 Scope and Content Description Text
21 Transcript URL Description Text
22 Provenance Description Text
23 Funding Information Description Text
24 Abstract Description-Abstract Text
25 Creator(s) Creator Text
26 Arranger(s) Creator Text
27 Author(s) Creator Text
28 Composer(s) Creator Text
29 Conductor(s) Creator Text
30 Diariest(s) Creator Text
31 Etcher(s) Creator Text
32 Instrumentalist(s) Creator Text
33 Interviewee(s) Creator Text
34 Lyricist(s) Creator Text
35 Photographer(s) Creator Text
36 Sender(s) Creator Text
37 Vocalist(s) Creator Text
38 Work(s) Creator Text
39 Publisher Publisher Text
40 Digital Publisher Publisher Text
41 Donor(s) Publisher Text
42 Funder(s) Publisher Text
43 Contributor(s) Contributors Text
44 Editor(s) Contributors Text
45 Interviewer(s) Contributors Text
46 Performer(s) Contributors Text
47 Recipient(s) Contributors Text
48 Date(s) Date Text
49 Date of Photograph Date Date
50 Performance Date Date Date
51 Date ISO Date Date
52 Type(s) Type Text
53 Genre(s) Type Text
54 Format Format Text
55 Album Number Identifier Text
56 Bibliographic Citation Identifier Text
57 Box Number Identifier Text
58 Call Number Identifier Text
59 Collection Number Identifier Text
60 Container Number Identifier Text
61 Folder Number Identifier Text
62 Plate Number Identifier Text
63 Photograph Number Identifier Text
64 URL Identifier Text
65 Source Source Text
66 Language(s) Language Text
67 Relation Relation Text
68 Published In Relation-Has Version Text
69 Digital Collection Relation-Is Part Of Text
70 Repository Relation-Is Part Of Text
71 Repository Collection Relation-Is Part Of Text
72 Is Referenced By Relation-Is Referenced By Text
73 Mode of Access Relation-Requires Text
74 Coverage Coverage Text
75 Location Coverage-Spatial Text
76 Performance Location Coverage-Spatial Text
77 Place of Publication Coverage-Spatial Text
78 Recipient Location Coverage-Spatial Text
79 Sender Location Coverage-Spatial Text
80 States Served Coverage-Spatial Text
81 Time Period(s) Coverage-Temporal Text
82 Rights Rights Text
83 Terms Rights Text
84 Audience Audience Text
85 Sorting Number None Text
86 Staff Notes None Text
87 Transcript None Full Text Search
Field name DC map Data type
Here is an example of an actual descriptive metadata sheet for one of our collections. The majority of our descriptive metadata is created by staff members of Hoole Special Collections Library. While scanning, our workers generally fill in filenames. We are currently exploring other option for metadata creation with several pilot projects. |}|}
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