Cross-Departmental Focus

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The University Libraries Digital Programs Planning Group shapes and develops policies, decides new directions and initiatives, and helps to prioritize and plan the overall direction of the digital program within the University Libraries. The digital program is concerned with digitizing selected primary source materials of historical interest, and providing online access.

Membership consists of representatives of Web Services, Cataloging and Metadata Services, special collections, Digital Services, and the UA Libraries Associate Deans. Members enlist the input of other departments in the UA community as needed.

This group was disbanded in 2012.

Recaps of meetings are available online: Digi Plan Recaps

The DigiPres Conversations group focuses on planning for long-term access, developing policies and procedures to see us through format changes, storage and content management issues. This group includes the curators from Hoole Special Collections, Head of Web Services, Associate Dean of Library Technology, Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services, Head of Digital Services, and our Digitization Manager.

Recaps of recent meetings are available online: Digi Pres Recaps

The Delivery Metadata group worked on issues around metadata development across departments. This group initially included the Head of Cataloging and Metadata, the Metadata Librarians, Head of Digital Services, and Digital Services staff. However, it then expanded to include archivists and archival staff, and topics can include anything of interest that may impact the work of those present. Currently this is the "Metadata Forum" convened monthly by the metadata unit.

Recaps of the early meetings are available online: Delivery Metadata Recaps