Cross-Departmental Collaborations

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Over time, we've made great effort to work effectively and efficiently with other departments and units in the Libraries (see Cross-Departmental_Focus, Cross_Departmental_Workflows, and Cross_Departmental_Projects). The success of Digital Services is dependent upon collaboration with archivists and curators, Web Services personnel, metadata librarians, and Associate Deans. We continue to strive to keep lines of communications open, and the focus on shared goals.

Additionally, several Digital Services staff attend UA Libraries Digital Humanities meetings and contribute to the conversations and efforts underway which would make our own digital content more usable.

Our Outreach Coordinator worked closely with Gorgas Information Services and subject specialist librarians, to increase the awareness of our digital content, and provide support and access to materials useful for classes as needed. She also assisted with a faculty researcher study born out of a discussion with subject specialists and the library assessment specialist. After teaching several classes herself, she was promoted to Outreach Coordinator for Special Collections (a librarian position), where she continues to support our efforts to better serve users.

Please refer all inquiries about new or revived collaborations to the Head of Metadata & Digital Services for investigation and response. This may lead to official library Project Proposals or grant project proposal investigations.