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This is a list of the cron scripts managed by the checkscripts database and script as described in Watching Our Backs.

ScriptName Directory runsWhen doesWhat
allCollPurls /srv/scripts/purls/ First day of every month at 5:15 am collects list of all collections in Acumen and their PURLs; creates XML list and sends them out to multiple recipients
newCollPurls /srv/scripts/purls/ First day of every month at 5:02 am locates new collections in Acumen and assigns PURLs; also locates image/audio collections that have parent EADs; creates tab-delimited list and sends them out to multiple recipients
getEads /srv/scripts/surfacing/EADs_auto/ 5:30 pm every Friday picks up EADs from share drive Special Collections Digital_Program_Files/EAD, makes copies in the upload directory there and in fromSC directory under deposits/EADs, places them in the /srv/deposits/EAD/notInDbase directory for testing, linking, and adding to database. this script calls eadModsTester, along with others. this script also attempts to fix bad or invalid xml encoding, it is not allways successfull. (set flags in eadModsTester to -diagnostics -verbose in order to get errors with filenames that have bad encoding in them.)
md5check /srv/scripts/md5/cya/ 3:30 pm every Sunday checks md5 sums on existing files in /srv/archive and creates new ones, notifying me of errors
acumenMonthlyReport /srv/scripts/stats/ First day of every month at 4:30 am collects list of collections in Acumen, with count of items, files, and EADs, sends it out to multiple recipients.
checkscripts /srv/scripts/cya/ 06:30 every Friday verifies all scripts have run, using checkscripts database
storeFileSums /srv/scripts/md5/cya/ 8:30 am every Friday copies md5 sums created by md5check on contents of /srv/archive on libcontent1 and puts them in checksums database
checkscriptcheck /srv/scripts/cya/ 08:30 every Friday verifies checkscripts ran
eadModsTester /srv/scripts/eads/ 5:35 pm every Friday picks up EADs from /srv/scripts/eads/LINKME, checks them against those in notInDbase directory, adding if not there; makes cleaned copies of all in notInDbase into ASCIIunlinked directory under deposits/EADs, tests for linkability and writes out linkrefs files for use in linking, as well as output errors and stats, in /srv/scripts/eads directories
liftEmbargo /srv/scripts/surfacing/ 2:45 am on the 1st day of each month checks InfoTrack.bornDigital dateAvailable for ETDs whose embargos have lifted, and copies them live into Acumen
linkInContent /srv/scripts/eads/ 8:45 pm every Friday
EadsToDbase /srv/scripts/eads/ 11:45 pm every Friday picks up EADs from /srv/deposits/EAD/notInDbase directory, copies them into Acumen and into /srv/deposits/EADs/new for processing into the archive, and uploads the information into the InfoTrack database so they show up in the browse
cleanUpLinkingOutput /srv/scripts/eads/ 11:45 pm every Friday Looks for reduced links or increased problems in linking of EADs; deletes older files; copies problem reports to directory on share drive for archivists; moves output files to backup directory
checkEmbargo /srv/scripts/etds/ 05:45 on the 21st day of each month checks InfoTrack.bornDigital dateAvailable entries for ETDs whose embargos have lifted, and notifies metadata librarians so they can upload to OPAC
backups /srv/scripts/cya/ 01:05 am first day of each month backs up InfoTrack, Acumen, Metaview, md5sums, and mysql databases on
critFiles /srv/scripts/cya/ 8:55 every Friday evening backs up files specified in /cifs-mount/Organization/Digital_Program/critical_files.txt on share drive to /srv/backups/criticalFiles if new or changed, and deletes files over 4 months old if others exist
makeSiteMap /srv/scripts/sitemaps/ First day of every month at 1:06 am creates sitemaps for search engines of Acumen items and EADs
countDao /srv/scripts/eads First day of every month at 1:10 am collects count of links in EADs into spreadsheet; compares to last month's count; sends spreadsheet and analysis by email
addMDnMans /srv/scripts/lockss/ 2:30 am the 15th of each month collects sizes of all metadata and manifests in the archive backed up with _LOCKSS_datestamp and enters them into md5sums.modified so we can track sizes for preservation, then deletes from the archive, to save space

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