Creating a scope/content note

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If you are the first person to work on a manuscript collection, you should create a .txt file (the 'Notepad' program on the pc; or 'TextEdit' on the mac) that contains the following information, in this order and with a blank line between each element:

Analog Collection Title

Manuscript number (always give in format: MSS ####)

Scope/content note


James Hall letter

MSS 1644

This collection of a letter from James Hall to his brother, dated October 20, 1863, from Collierville, Tennesee. The letter refers to one of the skirmishes that took place as Sherman's troops were moving east toward Chattanooga in late 1863. Hall's unit was evidently one of those guarding the Memphis and Charleston Railroad, a target of frequent Confederate raids. Collierville was the site of four minor battles during late 1863; the one that Hall describes was probably that caused by Confederate Brigadier General James Chalmer's raid of mid-October 1863.

Here you can put the complete scope/content of the manuscript collection if this collection is a subset. For example, if this collection is a handful of photos from Roland Harper Papers, the description of the Papers and the title "Roland Harper Papers" goes here.

All of this information should be found in the metadata spreadsheet for each collection. If it is not, let Kate, Jeremiah, or Jody know, and they will show you where to find it.

Please save this file as a .txt file in the collection's Admin Folder. Use the digital collection number (the first two sets of numbers, such as u0003_0001611) as the filename.