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If you are the first person to work on a manuscript collection, you should create an xml file (using the 'Notepad' program on the PC; or 'TextEdit' on the Mac, saving as ANSI/ASCII text on Windows and as UTF-8 on the Mac) that contains the following information, in this order and using the following template, with no carriage returns (newlines) or formatting within any element.

Please make sure that all encoding saved in these files (like the tab-delimited files from the Excel exports) is either ANSI ASCII, or UTF-8. That means, if any Word or PDF content was cut and pasted and transferred into these files – overwrite all the quotes, hyphens, apostrophes, and non-keyboard encodings with plain text or UTF-8 unicode. Otherwise they’ll be garbage. In addition, if you MUST use “&”, encode it as & so it won’t break the xml.

Save the file in the Admin folder for the collection, naming it for the collection itself. Thus, u0003_0000252.xml for the Cabaniss papers.

If more than one digital collection is created for a given analog collection, distinguish following collection file names sequentially as if they are pages. That is, if we return to the Cabaniss Papers and digitize some descriptions of tigers in Africa, the collection xml file for this second set of content would be saved as u0002_0000252_002.xml, and the original xml file should have "_001" appended onto the name prior to the xml prefix, as at that point, u0002_0000252.xml becomes the first in a sequence (u0003_0000252_001.xml), rather than a representation of the complete analog collection.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<Digital_Collection_Name> </Digital_Collection_Name>

<Alphabetized_By> </Alphabetized_By>

<Type_Of_Content> </Type_Of_Content>

<Analog_Collection_Name> </Analog_Collection_Name>

<Manuscript_Number> </Manuscript_Number>

<Finding_Aid_Link> </Finding_Aid_Link>

<Digital_Collection_Description> </Digital_Collection_Description>


Step by step instructions:

All of this information should be available from the S:\Digital Projects\Organization\Digital Program\Selection.xlsx which was filled in by the archivists.

This information should be transferred to this xml file at the time the collection is added to the "under way" page in jodysList.xlsx (in the same directory).

If this information is not available in the given spreadsheet, please contact the archivists to ask for it.

<Digital_Collection_Name>Enter value from "Project Name" column</Digital_Collection_Name>

  • NOTE! This value -- exactly! -- must be entered in the digital collection column of the metadata spreadsheet for each object, so that we can retrieve all the contents of a collection with a search.

<Alphabetized_By>Enter value from "Alphabetize" column</Alphabetized_By>

<Type_Of_Content>Enter value from "Genre/Type" column</Type_Of_Content>

  • Note that the acceptable types are these: book, image, text, audio, video, mixed media, finding aid, score, other

<Analog_Collection_Name>Enter value from "Name of Analog Collection" column</Analog_Collection_Name>

More information on the Analog Collection Title is here: Analog Collection Title

<Manuscript_Number>Enter value from "Manuscript Number" column (always give in format: MSS ####)</Manuscript_Number>

<Finding_Aid_Link> </Finding_Aid_Link>

Search for the Analog Collection name in these 2 places:

  1. [| The new interface]
  2. [| The old interface]

If you find a live link, enter it in the above field. If you do not, leave the field empty.

If you did not find a Manuscript Number in the spreadsheet, but you do find a finding aid online, look for this number. When possible, use 4 digits for the MSS number, left-padding with zeros so that MSS 14 would be written MSS 0014. Always give the Manuscript Number in this format: MSS 1632

Alternative forms the Manuscript number may currently have, in the filename or elsewhere:

  1. ms_1952.pdf would be MSS 1952
  2. Reference Code USALM1952 would be MSS 1952
  3. MSS.0630 would be MSS 0630
  4. u0003_0000252 would be MSS 0252

<Digital_Collection_Description> Enter value from "Blurb" column </Digital_Collection_Description>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<Digital_Collection_Name>Septimus D. Cabaniss Papers</Digital_Collection_Name>

<Alphabetized_By>Cabaniss, S. D.</Alphabetized_By>


<Analog_Collection_Name>The S.D. Cabaniss Papers, 1820-1937</Analog_Collection_Name>

<Manuscript_Number>MSS 0252</Manuscript_Number>


<Digital_Collection_Description>Materials from the papers of this nineteenth-century Madison County, Alabama, attorney who drafted a controversial will for wealthy planter Samuel Townsend which manumitted certain slaves and designated them as Townsend's primary heirs. Selected items include Townsend's will, a deposition given by S.D. Cabaniss concerning his role in the estate, and a report by Rev. William D. Chadick discussing the prospect of settling the newly-manumitted Townsend heirs in Ohio.</Digital_Collection_Description>