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# Summersell Interviews
# Summersell Interviews
## [[Summersell Interviews: Digitization and Editing Overview]]
## [[Summersell Interviews: Digitization and Editing Overview]]
[[Uploading Audio To Acumen]]

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Robert Jemison Jr. Papers

Septimus D. Cabaniss Papers

Woodward Family Papers workflow cheat sheet: u0003_0001577


  1. Harald Rohlig Organ Music:
    1. Harald Rohlig Workflow Graphic
    2. Harald Rohlig Workflow and Specifications
  2. Oral History Recording "Cheat Sheet" (using Zoom H2 Handy Recorder)
  3. Working Lives:
    1. Working Lives: Digitization and Optimization Cheat Sheet
    2. Working Lives: Audio Decision List (ADL) Template
  4. Summersell Interviews
    1. Summersell Interviews: Digitization and Editing Overview

Uploading Audio To Acumen

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