Checking Work By Object

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For each object, follow these procedures for workflow and quality control as you go:

Handling materials

  • Pay attention to the quality of the physical object; if there is any chance of damage during scanning, consult with a supervisor for instructions.
  • If it appears that what you are to digitize is a duplicate or an unclear image of questionable worth, consult with a supervisor for instructions.


  • Visually check the quality of images as you make captures
  • Be careful when inputting numbers for automatic file naming

Working with metadata

  • Check existing metadata
  • Compare descriptions and filenames in spreadsheet with the digital objects

Optimization/saving to Share drive

  • Check to make sure the following are correct
    • Destination folder
    • File naming
    • File extension


  • Enter all work in TrackingFiles spreadsheet
  • If you notice discrepancies between TrackingFiles and what's on the share drive, consult with a supervisor for instructions.