Changing what gets indexed

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I don't recommend messing with this until you have a programmer comfortable with SOLR.

The indexing depends on 3 parts and a couple of processes.

In the XSL directories (such as /srv/www/htdocs/acumen-old/staging/assets/xsl/ ), there are xsl files that specify which fields get indexed as what from each type of metadata. This allows all titles to be indexed together, all subjects to be indexed together, and so forth:

  • collection_to_solr.xsl for collection xml
  • ead_to_solr.xsl for EADs
  • mods_to_solr.xsl for MODS
  • the mets one is not in use.

Each metadata type may have one or more fields mapped to a field for indexing. For example: subtitle, title, & series title may all be mapped to "title". Sender, recipient, donor, author, creator, etcetera may all be mapped to "names".

Each Acumen "field" to which these have been mapped needs to be assigned to SOLR fields, for SOLR indexing -- and needs to be represented in the database in the authority tables. Here "title" is mapped to "title_s" since it's a string type of content.

The SOLR mapping takes place in /srv/solr/acumen_whichever/conf/schema.xml -- this file tells SOLR how to deal with the data mapped to that field.

The database tables that have to match up are authority and authority_type in all three databases: acumen, acumen_staging, and acumen_dev.

See, told you not to go there.  :-)