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The current Category Browse was developed by Kate_Matheny, using the collection browse categories selected by the archivists, and then grouped:

  • People
    • African Americans
    • Civil Rights & Human Rights
    • Gender Studies
    • Immigration & American Expansion
    • Native Americans
    • Women
  • Place
    • Architecture & Landscape
    • Cartography & Maps
    • Community & Place
  • Daily Life
    • Daily Life & Family
    • Love & Friendship
    • Religion & Spirituality
  • Society
    • Business & Labor
    • Government, Law & Politics
    • Health, Medicine & Welfare
    • Technology & Industry
  • Activities
    • Organizations
    • Sports, Recreation & Leisure
    • Travel & Tourism
  • Education
    • Education
    • Students
    • Teachers
    • The University of Alabama
  • Nature
    • Environment & Conservation
    • Farming & Agriculture
    • Science & Nature
  • Arts and Culture
    • Books & Book History
    • Literature & Authors
    • Music & Performing Arts
    • Advertising
    • Popular Culture
  • The American South
    • Alabama
    • Folklife
    • Southern Life & Culture
  • War and Military
    • Civil War
    • Creek Indian War
    • World War I
    • World War II
    • War and Military

While their selected topics did not coincide exceptionally well with the topics of our digitized content, she was able to map existing subject headings to most of these categories, and thus developed a browse for digital items as well.

Her process

is documented on the share drive in S:\Digital Projects\Administrative\Projects\Browsing\forCategoryBrowse and follows here:

Assignment of item-level subjects to categories, based on collection-level LocalBroad subjects

  • Examination and Weeding
    • Narrowed list of item-level (IL) subjects (Excel file, exported by Jody) to those with 50 or more occurrences
    • Determined which would be usable based on
      • Limitations of the indexer (some are not possible to isolate in a keyword situation)
      • Number of occurrences (some have more occurrences than would be helpful for browsing)
      • Avoiding redundancy (keyword indexing means some near subjects will generate the same results list)
      • Suitability for LocalBroad (LB) subject classification (some IL subjects don't fit particularly well into any LB subject)
  • Assignment and Grouping
    • Assigned each usable IL subject to an LB subject
    • Examined IL subjects assigned to each LB to determine
      • If there are enough to merit inclusion of a jump page for that LB
      • If there are obvious imbalances or gaps in coverage, which might be fillable by IL subjects with less than 50 occurrences
    • Filled gaps for some LBs by consulting the original list of IL subjects and brainstorming
    • Grouped some IL subjects into subdivisions within each LB jump page for ease of browse
  • Rendering
    • Rationale for changes: ordinarily, adjustments to punctuation or wording work against metadata schemas and controlled vocabulary, but because of the way the Acumen indexer works, rearranging words, omitting words, and changing punctuation aids canned link building
    • Removed or altered punctuation within subjects
      • Removed: periods (changed some to commas, e.g., Confederate States of America. Army. North Carolina = Confederate States of America Army, North Carolina)
      • Altered: & = and
    • Adjusted a handful of subjects
      • From Alabama locations like Orange Beach and Lookout Mt., removed county and retained state (in parentheses)
      • For Civil War regiments, ambiguated to the state level (e.g., Confederate States of America Army, North Carolina represents Confederate States of America. Army. North Carolina Infantry Regiment, Company C, 59th AND Confederate States of America. Army. North Carolina Infantry Regiment, Company C, 61st
      • For specific wars, added text (e.g., Revolution 1789-1799 = Revolution, France, 1789-1799)
    • Used Python script ( on list of subjects in .txt file (generated from Item-to-LB-mapping.xlsx, sheet Item-to-LB-final), which
      • Generates canned search URLs
      • Stuffs those URLs into html links
    • Copy/pasted html links into new CMS pages for each LB
  • Formatting
    • Used Drupal wysiwyg editor to do some rudimentary formatting, including making links under a subhead into a bulleted list, for more readable page display


encountered in the process include:

The American South/Alabama/Counties -- on a separate page Education/The University of Alabama -- contains direct links to publications

Collections with no digitized items link:




--Gender Studies

--Immigration and American Expansion

Collections whose digitized items link goes straight to Acumen:


--Cartography and Maps

-War and Military

--Creek Indian War

--World War I

--World War II