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CaptureOne overhead scanning station:



The CaptureOne Overhead scanning station is comprised of a medium format camera with a hi-res digital back. The combination of the speed of a film photography camera with a digital image capture sensor make the CaptureOne station the most versatile, fast, and powerful scanner at our disposal.


The captureback can be used for large format materials upwards of 36 to 48 inches. Due to this scanners very fast turn around time on the image capture cycle, our group relies on this scanner to take on all different types on materials. some materials that are scanned on this scanner are; newspapers, manuscripts, maps, photos, large format negatives (on a lightbox). Large collections with many objects that need scanning are completed much more rapidly with the capture back as apposed to a flatbed scanner.

Technical Information:

Default Setup

  1. PhaseOne P45 DigitalBack
  2. Mamiya 645AFDIII Camera body
  3. Kaiser motorized column
  4. Custom made Digital Transitions scan table
  5. 80mm lens at f7.1 and a 1/40 of a second, shooting done in manual focus, "Mirrorup" mode.

Default File/Output Settings

  1. Camera Raw *.IIQ output from the digitalback, these files are then output as lossless *.tif files by the CaptureOne software.
  2. 600 DPI
  3. ISO 50
  4. ICC Profile: PhaseOne P45 Tungsten
  5. "Linear Response" tone curve profile
  6. No digital exposure editing

Associated Hardware

  1. Buhl Soft Cube series SC-150 lights, 4300k
  2. Mamiya electronic cable release, with 12ft cord
  3. anti-static wriststrap

Associated Software

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