Camera Lenses

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Using Lenses


We currently have three different types of lenses for use with the Canon cameras. 100mm Macro, 50mm, and 14mm wide-angle. Each lens works differently and produces an image with different characteristics. Each lens also has settings that will produce optimal quality images.


Optimal F-stop (aperture) settings

  • 100mm Macro: f/8.0
  • 50mm: f/5.6
  • 14mm Wide-angle: f/8.0

Setting Shutter Speed

  • In EOS Utility, using the Depth-of-Field Preview, place the color card on the table and look at the histogram in the Live View window. The last peak on the histogram (reflecting the white square of the color card) should be in the middle of the last section of the histogram.


  • Each section of the histogram is a range of 50 points. If you shoot for the middle of the last section(200-250), you'll be somewhere around 225. Anything from 220-235 is on target for white.
  • If your white is out of range, right click on the shutter speed and adjust it until the histogram reflects that the white is in range.


F-stop focus blur

The images below show the chromatic aberration effects of low aperture number f-stop settings on the quality of image focus. 14mm 7d fstop comparison.png 50mm 5dmk3 fstop comparison.png