Cabaniss Usability Study

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IRB approval for the Cabaniss usability study was obtained in May 2010. The following decisions have been made in how to proceed in planning the study:

  • We will start advertising via the website for the study this summer. Jason Battles will be consulted on how this advertisement should appear.
  • In late August when classes start back, we will advertise via listservs and on bulletin boards in the the History, American Studies, and Political Science departments. This will require Amanda to gather information from departmental secretaries in early August.
  • Clark Center was consulted about how to best advertise in the Reading Room. He suggested displaying the fliers in the middle of each table in the Reading Room as well as providing a list of FAQs to hand out to interested parties. These FAQs should answer most questions that people have, but those working at the reference desk will at least need to be made aware of the study.
  • Our goal is to have all subjects tested before mid-term exams which usually occur around the first of October.

Usability Test Informed Consent:

Usability Test Questions: