Cabaniss Papers

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The digitization for the Cabaniss papers (funded by NHPRC) is spelled out in Septimus_D._Cabaniss_Papers and the instructions for getting it from the share drive to online in Acumen (all performed by Digital Services staff) is spelled out in Make_It_Live!.

The procedures Jody follows to move the content into long-term storage are spelled out in Moving_Content_To_Long-Term_Storage with the exception of creating derivatives, moving the content to the storage drive, and coping the MODS live (steps 25-28). Those were already completed by Digital Services staff, above.

Eventually, we expect to add the step of creating OCR for targeted segments of this collection, which are being noted during digitization. That OCR will be created by script (see For_Creating_Derivatives) and will then be used to improve searchability.