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Funding provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission

This is the documentation for "Digitizing the S. D. Cabaniss Papers," an NHPRC-funded grant project which ran from January 1, 2010 through February, 2011.

The grant "Digitizing the S.D. Cabaniss Papers", part of the "Digitizing Historical Records" effort by NHPRC, was funded for 14 months. The intent was to provide online access to the content in a low-cost, scalable model which simulates online the experience of the patron in the reading room. That is, the finding aid provides the descriptive information about the content, and from the finding aid, content in each series is linked in the order found in each file and box.

The method followed kept the cost well below the projected $1.87 per page. This is a valuable model for mass digitization of huge collections for which institutions cannot feasibly afford the development of item-level metadata.

Documentation of work flows, progress, processes, procedures, and access to software, are all available below.

Metadata Issues

Digitization and Work Flow

Progress Notes

Discoveries and Challenges


Software For You!

The above link is to open source software we developed for you to use to implement this model 
of digitization regardless of your method of delivering the finding aid online.

Cabaniss Software

This link is to the version of this software we developed and used locally for this project.
Specific to our implementation and delivery system.

Acumen The digital library system that delivers all our content. To be available soon open source.

Cabaniss Publicity

Cabaniss Usability Study