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Locally referred to as the "BookDrive", this unit actually consists of an Atiz BookDrive DIY cradle/station with two Canon EOS 5D cameras. Per the manufacturer website, the unit is suitable for making scans of items with maximum dimensions of 15.7 x 23.2 inches and up to approximately 3.5 inches thick. source: BookDrive DIY. Retrieved February 02, 2011, from

To date the unit has been used to make scans for bound copies of items such as the Rammer Jammer.


For usage instructions, see the "cheat sheet" under Troubleshooting.

Technical Information:

Default Setup

Canon EOS 5D (basic settings):

  • 1/15 (shutter speed)
  • F7.1 (aperture)
  • ISO 320 (iso speed)
  • M (focus setting from dial)
  • RAW (image quality)
  • AWB (auto white balance)

When set, these setting will show up in the BookDrive Capture software:


Default File/Output Settings

Canon .cr2

Associated Hardware

Atiz BookDrive DIY

  • version

Canon EOS 5D

Associated Software

BookDrive Capture

Windows XP Mode/Windows Virtual PC


The Canon EOS 5 is not compatible with 64 bit version of Windows 7, therefore a virtual installation of Windows XP (32 bit) is needed to use the camera to take scans with the BookDrive Capture software.

This cheat sheet contains basic instructions on how to run the camera/capture software from within a virtual installation of Windows XP.

Resources and Links:

"virtual machine" - Wikipedia article