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(Associated Hardware)
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====Associated Hardware====
====Associated Hardware====
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[http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/support/consumer/eos_slr_camera_systems/eos_digital_slr_cameras/eos_5d Canon EOS 5D]
====Associated Software====
====Associated Software====

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(Atiz BookDrive DIY):



Locally referred to as the "BookDrive", this unit actually consists of an Atiz BookDrive DIY cradle/station with two Canon EOS 5D cameras.


Per the manufacturer website, the unit is suitable for making scans of items with maximum dimensions of 15.7 x 23.2 inches and up to approximately 3.5 inches thick. source: BookDrive DIY. Retrieved February 02, 2011, from http://diy.atiz.com/

To date the unit has been used to make scans for bound copies of items such as the Rammer Jammer.

Technical Information:

Default Setup

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Default File/Output Settings

Canon .cr2

Associated Hardware

Canon EOS 5D

Associated Software

BookDrive Capture

Windows XP Mode


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Resources and Links:


Virtual machine - Wikipedia article