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====Associated Hardware====
====Associated Hardware====
#32-bit Windows Operating System
#PC running 32-bit Windows XP Operating System
====Associated Software====
====Associated Software====

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[edit] Canon DR-7580

[edit] Introduction:

[edit] Overview

The Canon DR-7580 is a high speed batch-fed document scanner capable of rendering black and white scans of non fragile paper.

[edit] Usage

The Canon DR-7580 is best suited for unbound typed transcript or disbound books. This scanner can create 100 scans in under 3 minutes.

[edit] Technical Information:

[edit] Default File/Output Settings

[edit] Under Scanner Settings
  1. Mode: Black and White
  2. Page Size: Letter - 8.5 x 11in
  3. DPI: 600
  4. Scanning: Simplex
  5. feeding: Standard
  6. Batch Seperation: None
[edit] Under TIFF File Settings
  1. Black and White: Compression "None"
  2. Grey Scale: Compression "None"
  3. Color: Compression "None"

[edit] Associated Hardware

  1. PC running 32-bit Windows XP Operating System

[edit] Associated Software

  1. Capture Perfect 3.0

[edit] Troubleshooting:

  1. Must turn on software before starting scanner.
  2. Do not use the buttons on the scanner to make a scan, this confuses the software and will require a relaunch of the software.
  3. Issues have arisen where the resultant scan does not possess a defined byte-order. These TIFFs can be "normalized" (i.e. opened then re-saved with defined byte-order) in Adobe Photoshop. Not addressing this problem can lead to the image being oriented differently in different image viewing applications.

[edit] Resources and Links:

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