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== Technical Skills ==
== Technical Skills ==
*'''Languages: ''' Perl, C, HTML, SQL
*'''Languages: ''' Perl, Python, C, HTML, SQL
*'''Platforms: ''' Windows, Linux
*'''Platforms: ''' Windows, Linux
*'''Misc.: ''' Excel, Photoshop, Microsoft Dynamics AX
*'''Misc.: ''' Excel, Photoshop, Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Austin Dixon is our Digitization Technologist. He has an Associates degree in Computer Programming and Networking from Shelton State, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at UA. Previously, he was employed as a Network Administrator for a retail chain. He aspires to become a Software Developer.

In his spare time, Austin is often in his home electronics workshop building things like human interface devices and electronic art. He keeps a blog [] where he chronicles his personal programming and electronics projects.

Contact Info


  • B.S. Computer Science, University of Alabama (In progress)
  • A.A.S. Management and Supervision, Programming and Networking, Shelton State College, 2010

Technical Skills

  • Languages: Perl, Python, C, HTML, SQL
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux
  • Misc.: Excel, Photoshop, Microsoft Dynamics AX
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