Audio Specifications and Standards

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(Resources and Links:)
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   For information on derivatives, see [[For_Creating_Derivatives]]
   For information on derivatives, see [[For_Creating_Derivatives]]
====Associated Hardware====
====Associated Hardware/Software====
*see [[Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)]]
*see [[Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)]]

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The following provides a brief overview of our standard audio specifications.

Technical Information:

Default File/Output Settings

  • masters: .wav/WAVE at 24-bit/44.1khz
    • note: IASA TC-04 calls for a minimum sampling rate of 48kHz (preferably 96kHz) [1]. We will discontinue use of 44.1kHz sampling rates pending confirmation of appropriate storage space as 24/48 vs 24/44.1 should yield only an 8% increase in space requirements.- arora, 051309
    • typically, 2s of silence is left or created at the beginning of each .wav, with 1s at the end.
    • RMS levels are typically set fairly low, to -25db
  For information on derivatives, see For_Creating_Derivatives

Associated Hardware/Software

Resources and Links:

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