Archiving ETDs

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Archiving ETDs (bornDigital)

1. First verify there is electronic theses and dissertations to be archived by cd or ls /srv/deposits/bornDigital/u0015_0000001

2. If there is bornDigital content available, change directory to /srv/scripts/storing/bornDigital

3. Open the script relocatingbd and uncomment $test = 1.

4. Remove RelocateManifests (or back it up into olderVersions) and run test version of relocatingbd.

5. Check RelocateManifests to verify the correct Manifest will be written.

6. Check moveme to verify that the ETDs are indeed being copied to the correct location.

7. If both outputs are problem & error free, open relocatingbd, and comment back $test = 1.

8. Run relocatingbd.

9. After relocatingbd has finished, run checkem. Checkem verifies md5 checksums are the same in the deposits as it is in the archive before deleting out of deposits.

10. Verify all content has been deleted in deposits: ls /srv/deposits/bornDigital/u0015_0000001/* and as an extra measure ls /srv/deposits/bornDigital/u0015_0000001/*/*.

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