Archival access policies

From UA Libraries Digital Services Planning and Documentation

Policies and documentation for access, location, and authentication for archival and e-science data

I. Archival digital content resides on (which resides in the Office of Information Technology server room) under the /srv/archive/ directory.

Those who have server access include:

  1. Digital Services staff (read only access),
  2. Head of Metadata & Digital Services,
  3. Lead Technician,
  4. Repository Manager, and
  5. the Server Administrators.

Authentication is via SSH.

On the web directory side:

Read-only access is granted to all ADPNet LOCKSS partner servers, via htaccess authentication of IP. Also, read-only access is open to UA Gorgas and Hoole Library personnel (via IP).

Note: Embargoed content, or content which has been identified as having rights issues, is only accessible to those who have access to the archived digital content; it is NOT accessible to the public.

II. E-Science digital content resides on and which resides in Gorgas Library. Content can be found currently under the /Volumes/ directory.

Those who have server access to it include:

  1. Associate Dean of Library Technology,
  2. Manager of Area Computing Services,
  3. Head of Metadata & Digital Services, and
  4. the owners of the content.

Authentication is via SSH.