Altered Embargoes

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Occasionally the author of an ETD requests an extended embargo, usually due to pending publication. Here are the steps of this process:

1) These requests come via the graduate school, where they are considered and authorized, to the Head of Cataloging and Metadata, via email.

2) The Head of Cataloging and Metadata communicates the request to the Metadata Librarian and Head of Digital Services.

3) The Metadata Librarian suppresses the link (to the full text) in the MARC 856 field, in both Voyager and WorldCat, and adds a restriction note.

4) The Head of Digital Services modifies the database entry (in InfoTrack.bornDigital on libcontent1 server) for the document to update the new DateAvailable (so the content will be automatically unembargoed at the correct date) and adds an exception note.

Example SQL queries:

A) First, locate the correct entry (here the author's name is Braun):

    select * from bornDigital where lastName like "Braun";   

B) Then update:

    update bornDigital set dateAvailable="2017-01-01", exceptions="PDF embargoed on 1/23/12 per graduate school but
    catalog record released; update existing record" where dnum=180;

5) The Head of Digital Services then deletes all reference to this item in the online delivery system. This is a server-side command on libcontent which deletes the specified item directory and all within it. In the following example, the item deleted is u0015_0000001_0000153:

     rm -r /srv/www/htdocs/content/u0015/0000001/0000153