Alterations To Online Content

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Requests for alterations to online content may arise both internally and externally. The following are the policies and procedures for correct handling for these requests. The spreadsheet referred to below is on the Share drive in S:\Digital Projects\Administrative\Alterations and is titled "alteration_to_content.xlsx".

Stage I

  1. All such requests will be channeled to Donnelly Lancaster Walton, Archival Coordinator. (Martha Bace will fill in should Donnelly be absent for an extended period of time.) The reasoning for this is that most requests concern changes to the web delivery of archival content, and any such changes must be vetted by an archivist.
  2. Donnelly will record requests in a specified spreadsheet on the Share drive, which is accessible by the Metadata Unit and Digital Services as well as Hoole personnel. This spreadsheet will serve both as a record of requests (so that we can study patterns) and also as a method of documenting the path of these requests through our system to completion.
  3. Donnelly (and/or other archivists) will determine whether the request should be enacted. If they decide it should not, that decision will be noted on the spreadsheet. If they decide that it should, the request enters stage II.

Stage II

  1. If the change requires alteration to digital captures, Donnelly will notify Jeremiah Colonna-Romano in Digital Services; and if the change requires alteration to metadata, Donnelly will notify Mary Alexander in the Metadata Unit stating the field to be changed and its corrected text. Mary will provide corrected files for archiving and storage. In each case, Donnelly will record in a column of the spreadsheet the date of such notification, and who was notified.
  2. The notified person will be responsible for either taking action personally, or making sure that others fulfill the necessary request. In addition, Mary/Jeremiah will:
    1. record in the spreadsheet when the requested change has been made in their work area, and
    2. notify Jody DeRidder of changed content ready to go to storage and web
    3. record such notification on the spreadsheet, with the date. At this point, the request enters stage III.

Stage III

  1. Jody will transfer changed content to storage and alter LOCKSS manifests and filenames as necessary to avoid overwriting original documents.
  2. Jody will also ensure that the alteration is promulgated through to web delivery, and will record the date of this in the spreadsheet.