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7) [[OAI delivery]]
7) [[OAI delivery]]
8) Where to find the pieces parts on the server
8) [[Changing what gets indexed]]
9) Changing what gets indexed
9) '''[[Acumen Troubleshooting]]'''
10) Changing priorities of results
11) '''[[Acumen Troubleshooting]]'''

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1) Indexing occurs every night @ 8. Content removed or added will not be reflected in the interface until the next index occurs.

2) Modifying front page, headers and footers

3) How to restart apache:

   /usr/sbin/rcapache2   graceful

4) Databases and database access

5) Live, Staging, and Development areas

6) Updating display of metadata (XSLT changes)

7) OAI delivery

8) Changing what gets indexed

9) Acumen Troubleshooting