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What is Acumen?

I know, you've seen it, right? Acumen

It's a very cool way to put your digital content online.

It’s based on SOLR, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and Apache. . . and contents are left untouched in web directories. This means you can access and update your metadata or bitstreams at any time, without going through the delivery software. This also means that it's much simpler to get stuff in or out... and hey, if the database crashes, no big deal. The content is untouched -- just restart the software, and it will rebuild the database.

You can read all about Acumen in 'Metadata In, Library Out. A Simple, Robust Digital Library System' which was published in Code4Lib Journal in 2010. The software available on SourceForge.

Acumen delivery software was originally written by Tonio Loewald, and later updated and improved by Will Jones. The principles behind it were developed by Tom C. Wilson. The UA Metadata Unit develops the metadata; the archivists create much of the descriptions and provide the content; and Digital Services just gets the stuff in there. We developed our own workflows for quality control, turning spreadsheets into MODS, derivative generation, linking content into finding aids, and moving files to where they go in the web directory for delivery. The indexer picks up new and changed stuff every night.

How we do that has been described in Digitization in the Real World.

If you need some maintenance details for Acumen, see Acumen Maintenance.