Woodward Family Papers

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Currently, we have uploaded all of Woodward that has been scanned.

There are a few outstanding items, included a few over-sized items and a section of 1000 items that need corrected metadata. The items needing corrected metadata have been reported to Donnelly and may one day to be returned to us for digitization.

In July of 2012, the master metadata spreadsheet for Woodward was accidentally deleted. In the Woodward metadata folder, you will find a sheet entitled u0003_0001577.29.xslx. Across the bottom of this sheet are three tabs that contain the original metadata we received from April. These are in an old format we do not use anymore, but when needed, metadata can be recreated from the information on these tabs.

There is a compiled metadata sheet of all of the items in the Woodward collection that have been uploaded. It can be found in S:\Digital Projects\Administrative\collectionInfo\Storage_Excel\Uploaded_Woodward_DO_NOT_TOUCH. (I tried to rename it but the file is being annoying. It's ok for you to touch this file.)