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The TrackingFilenames spreadsheet

... lives in S:\Digital Projects\Organization\Digital_Program_Logs on the share drive.

We use this document to track assignment of collection numbers to collections.

for more information, see File_naming_schemes


The first page of this spreadsheet is "Catgories" and is split into UA Hoole holdings and others.

Holder identification

  1. All the holdings from Hoole begin with the letter "u";
  2. all the holdings from non-profit institutions begin with the letter "n"
  3. all the holdings from patrons begin with "p"
  4. Tuskegee content begins with "t"
  5. Williams collection content will begin with "w"

Type of content identification

  1. 0001 is assigned to still images
  2. 0002 is assigned to text, such as published books, pamphlets, etc.
  3. 0003 is manuscript materials
  4. 0004 is sheet music
  5. 0005 is maps
  6. 0006 is archives
  7. 0007 is video
  8. 0008 is audio
  9. 0009 is mixed media
  10. 0010 is artifacts
  11. 0011 is graphics (includes Publishers Bindings Online, for example)
  12. 0012 is government documents
  13. 0015 is student documents (such as Electronic Theses and Dissertations, Honors projects, etc.)

When creating a new collection, check here to identify what category your collection should be in.

If you are the first to digitize a particular type of content -- such as a non-profit video -- you will need to add to these categories appropriately, and create a page for that holderID.

Collection number creation

Each of the other pages in TrackingFilenames belongs to one of these holders/types of materials. There's a page for u0001, u0002, u0003, p0001, etc. We call this first segment of the identifier the "HolderID" as it defines who holds the analog content, with some indication as to where that content might be based on type. The type also impacts metadata spreadsheet selection, possibly formats, and sometimes delivery methodology.

The collection number that is added onto the holderID to create the collection identifier reflects, if possible, the analog collection number.

In manuscripts, for example, the MSS number is used, left padded with zeros to 7 digits. Hence, MSS 252 becomes 0000252. Since this is in Hoole manuscripts, the collection identifier is then u0003_0000252. This is entered on the u0003 sheet of TrackingFilenames with information about this collection:

  1. Collection number (this is the assigned identifier)
  2. container (this applied to CONTENTdm delivery, and is a date range. We've not yet deleted this as it may yet prove useful.)
  3. physical location
  4. primary analog format
  5. source collection
  6. description
  7. notes
  8. content donor
  9. processing donor
  10. digitization funder

These columns are the same across all holderID pages. Please fill in this info the best you can when starting a new collection.

Before long, we will be uploading all this information into the InfoTrack database (see Tracking_for_the_long_term, and eventually setting up an interface for adding information there.