Removing an item

From UA Libraries Digital Services Planning and Documentation

When removing an item:

1) You will need to consider each archival file separately; for each one, follow the process in Removing a TIFF or WAV.

2) Same goes for the web side; see Removing a derivative.

3) You'll need to consider the metadata on both sides (archival and web) -- you'll find the descriptive metadata files in the Metadata at the item level on both sides. On the archival side, this may also include tags and transcripts. Remove them.

4) the directories on both sides --- remove them;

5) the Manifests: You'll need to remove reference to every part of the item in the Manifests. This includes different versions of MODS, of transcripts, of tags, of OCR -- all of it. Do not edit the spreadsheets though.

6) and you'll need to deal with tags & transcripts: these are in the Acumen database. Notify the web programmer that these need to be deleted, and that you need a reindex to correct the display.

7) and PURL issues: in the InfoTrack.lookup table, locate the entry for this item and edit it to add what happened in the "history" field, and to replace the "realurl" with a link to a page stating that this item no longer exists, and who to contact if the patron has questions.

8) Document removal of the item, the date, why it was removed, and on whose authority, in the problems.txt file in the collection documentation directory in the archive.