Removing a derivative

From UA Libraries Digital Services Planning and Documentation

The following steps will need to be taken:

1) Review whether removal involves the entire item; if so, see Removing an item.

2) Create a problems.txt file if one does not yet exist in the archival collection directory documents folder. In this file, indicate each archival identifier that is affected, why it is being taken offline, by whose authority, and what the date is today.

  Example:  vi /srv/archive/u9999/9999999/Documentation/problems.txt
  Enter:  "removing web access to u9999_9999999_0000123_0002 because it duplicates u9999_9999999_0000123_0001, as requested by Fred Jones, 5/12/2015" 

3) Navigate to the web directory for the image or audio file in Acumen. Delete that directory and everything in it. For example:

 cd /srv/www/htdocs/content/u9999/9999999/0000123/0002/   (to remove page 2 of this item)
 rm *   (this removes everything in this directory:  use with care!)
 if subdirectories exist that need to be removed (such as OCR in a Transcripts directory), use rm -r * instead (very dangerous!) 
 cd ..    (this takes you up one level in the directory system)
 rmdir 0002  (this removes the directory you were just in)

4) Review the metadata for the item and determine if it needs to be modified (for example, the number of pages in the extent field, or any reference to the content that is being removed). If so, email the metadata unit with the necessary information, and ask them to correct the MODS.

5) Transcripts must be removed for this file as well, and any tags that may exist for it also in the Acumen database. It's best if this is left to the web programmer, as dependencies may exist in the database: contact him/her with the necessary information. Additionally, a reindexing process may have to take place to correct the display.