Removing a collection

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The process to do this is as follows:


*Check to see if the content is in LOCKSS:

  1. Log into the database InfoTrack, select * from inLOCKSS where id_2009 like “u0003_0003696”;
  2. if null, then we can delete all the collection directories in the archive.
  3. If it’s in there, though, we create a problems.txt in the Documentation folder in the archive and say what happened. We will delete the rest after following all the steps.


For every archival file, go through the process in Removing a TIFF or WAV.


For every item, go through the process in Removing an item.


If there's an EAD, go through the process in Removing an EAD


Manifest -- remove the link to the collection manifest that is at the holder level. That is, in /srv/archive/u0003/Documentation/Manifest.html, locate the line that contains a link to each manifest for the collection you are deleting (large collections have multiple manifests). Delete them.


Delete the entire collection directory in the archive and Acumen. Document what happened and when and why, by whom, in the InfoTrack.allColls table in the notes field for the collection.


Notify the web programmer for reindexing, to correct the display.