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August 2015 Synopsis for Digital Services:

1582 items/ 3401 subitems were digitized this month. The focus this month was on digitizing 4 collections:

       u0001_2007001  University of Alabama Photograph Collection: 1 items consisting of 1 subitems
       u0001_2011004  Walter Bryan Jones photographs: 338 items consisting of 336 subitems
       u0003_0000555  Pauline Gandrud Papers: 1242 items consisting of 2719 subitems
       u0003_0000630  Andrew Coleman Hargrove Papers: 1 items consisting of 345 subitems

1252 items/ 5323 subitems were added to Acumen. 114484 items are now in Acumen, consisting of 415858 captures. 122895 items/ 437580 subitems total have been digitized now from 2160 collections.

Offline digitization totals (not included in the above) now come to 6341 items consisting of 12765 captures. Total GB: 16693; 289 on the share drive and 16404 in the archive.